Wellness & Rehab Services

Horse Massage

Horse Massage and Trigger Point Myotherapy is a non-invasive and useful tool to reduce muscle spasms that originate from trauma, difficult or hard work, or from compensating for an injury or joint pain. Therapy Horses used for riding by the disabled need constant massage work to keep them pain free, as they must compensate daily for the imbalance of their riders. Just like humans, horses LOVE to be massaged!

Esmee Snyder

Esmee Snyder is a Certified Equine Trigger Point Myotherapist, a gentle and effective modality in which the practitioner enhances equine performance and comfort by identifying and releasing muscles compromised from conformation issues, injury, overwork, poor saddle or bit fit, etc. This is a particularly interesting modality in that the owner is a very important and active participant in the horse's process and progress. Esmee is also a practitioner of myofascial release therapy, which is especially useful for treating very sensitive horses.