Organic Compost Sales

How We Make It & How To Get It

At Whimsy Brook Farm, we have always composted our manure. In fact, we have the first DEEP approved uncovered horse manure compost facility in the State of Connecticut. We rotate the compost from bin to bin as the manure and pine horse bedding decomposes into an incredibly nutritious soil conditioner/mulch.

Horse manure is very hot and initially composts at around 160 degrees, killing weed seeds and harmful bacteria. In fact, it is so hot that if not sufficiently damp, it can spontaneously combust! Once the first cycle is finished and the compost cools a bit, we cover the compost with compost fleece so nutrients will not leach out but air can get in.

Why use expensive, dyed, shredded, wood mulch or bark products that just leach the nitrogen out of your soil and starve your plants? Instead use our very affordable, exceptionally nutritious mulch and compost to make your landscape plants cozy and weed-free, and your flower and vegetable gardens amazing!

You can either pick up your compost at the Farm, or we can arrange to have it delivered for an additional charge. If you are an early bird, your compost just might come stocked with earthworms! Just call us ahead of time at (203) 938-3760 to arrange payment and/or delivery and if picking it up yourself we want to on hand to load your truck. We take cash, check or you can use Venmo, a phone app owned by PayPal.

If you would like to see a little more information about our compost operation, you can watch this short video: