A Scientific Menu, Non-GMO Feeds, and Owner Supplied Supplements at no extra charge

We are experts at feeding horses and provide nutrition according to a horse's body condition, age, work, and food sensitivities. We do not use feed scoops or coffee cans to measure grain. Instead, every horse's menu is made up individually on a scale.

Because we have found that standard pelleted feed contains GMO grains that seem to kill off the horse's gut bacteria and cause digestive problems, even ulcers, we now feed non-GMO crimped oats and non-GMO alfalfa pellets in addition to the best hay. We do have senior feed, if necessary, and horses are fed twice a day. When we experience significant weather changes we feed bran mashes with rolled barley. Grain, hay and supplement amounts are adjusted on a biweekly basis or sometimes more often. We normally feed 20 pounds of hay a day, unless otherwise indicated.