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2017 WBF Pony Club
Center Program

Our Pony Club program is a combination of instruction, clinics, field trips, Summer Day Camp, and other events. United States Pony Club now has five different educational “Tracks” to choose from: Traditional (Three-Day Eventing), Show Jumping, Dressage, Western Pleasure, and Horse Management. Evaluation for both riding and horse management skills comes in the form of Pony Club Certification Sessions, judged by an outside judge and where even young members obtain internationally recognized credentials, and Regional Pony Club Rallies which are day-long competitions involving other clubs in the Metro Region of which we are a part.

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Because of the diverse needs and schedules of our Pony Club Center members, mounted riding lessons and unmounted horse management lessons are part of our group meetings as well as being worked into our regular lesson program of private, semi-private, and group sessions at our regular prices/packages. This includes mounted and unmounted stable management test review sessions. And, of course, our Pony Clubbers 9 years of age and older may participate free of charge in our Barn Rat Program as soon as they have passed the Barn Rat exam.

Junior Pony Club

Pony ClubIn 2014 we inaugurated our US Pony Club Horse Management Achievement Badge Program for 6-9 year olds. The Badge Program is similar to the Brownie/Girl Scout Program only with an equine focus. This is an unmounted program, and Badges may be earned in 15 areas.

Pony Club Meetings

In addition to regular instruction, our Center members meet for group instruction, clinics and/or Rally or Certification Preps.

One-hour Junior Pony Club badge program meetings are $45.00, two-hour Pony Club Unmounted Meetings are $75.00 and two-hour Pony Club Mounted Meetings are $90.00. We also have Pony Club Camp as part of the optional curriculum, as well as Metro Region clinics. Please refer to our Calendar for specific dates. We generally meet twice a month except for January-February, when we meet as often as weekly as we study for Quiz Rally which is generally the first week in March.

A Place for Parents and a Cozy Classroom

We also have a cozy indoor classroom that doubles as a lounge for parents, complete with WiFi!

A Place for Parents

Pony Club


Certificate Tests occur when members have been deemed ready to advance to the next level on the track or tracks they have chosen. Lower level tests (up to C-2) may be hosted by the Center on-site or by another local club. Members from all local clubs are invited. Upper level tests (C-3 and above) happen at Regional or even National venues. Members must be recommended by the Center Administrator or Assistant Center Administrator to be eligible for any test. Testing requires an outside judge and fees are established by the judge, the national organization, or the testing venue. Mounted Certifications also incur a horse-use fee if you are not using your own horse, and off-site Mounted Certifications incur an additional horse transport fee.

Pony Club


Rally costs vary from Rally to Rally. The Metro Pony Club Region hosts two unmounted rallies each year—Quiz and Horseless—which only incur an entry/venue fee. Metro also hosts Dressage Rally, Stadium Jumping, and D-Rally all of which involve a venue fee to the hosting facility, an entry fee, a trainer fee, and horse use fees (unless the member has purchased a Horse Share) as well as horse transportation costs. The Upper Connecticut Region also hosts Polo and Games Rally. Rallies are optional although participation in one mounted rally is required for upper level certifications. Testing costs and Rally costs will be made available prior to the event.

2017 Current Base Costs

To join our Pony Club Center, each member will incur the following membership fees and dues. Prior to your first certification and/or Rally each member will need to purchase certain USPC materials, as well as a USPC required individual grooming kit. So that our team(s) look spiffy at certifications and rallies, we have asked the local tack store, All The King's Horses on Route 7 in Ridgefield, CT, to purchase grooming kit supplies in the Farm colors so that all members grooming kits will be uniform. All The King's Horses gives Pony Clubbers a 10% discount on everything!

United States Pony Club 2018 membership, new, 1/1/18-12/31/18


United States Pony Club 2018 early renewal membership (before 11/15/17)


United States Pony Club 2018 renewal membership


USPC Metropolitan Region 2018 membership


Whimsy Brook Pony Club Center 2018 Annual Dues


Whimsy Brook Pony Club Center New Member Groom Kit (optional)*
Contains 1 of each, medium tote, 4 quart wash-bucket, large plastic comb, pulling comb, sweat scraper with rubber blade, soft brush, stiff brush, hoof pick, bath sponge, face sponge, dock sponge, Grooma, soft curry, and shedding flower. May be purchased as a kit in the Center colors from All The King's Horses. (Does not include a rub towel.)


Total Base Costs for one year new membership without optional materials


*Prices subject to change. Members may also purchase these items on their own/over the
internet. The grooming kit is only required for certification and rally participation.

Joining Up

To join the United States Pony Club and our Pony Club Center, click here for the application.

When you have filled out the application, bring or send it to the Farm with your checks made out to USPC for $155.
If you are joining in January, make a check out to the Metro Region for $35.00, and another to Whimsy Brook Farm for $120.00 and we will submit it to USPC. You will get an introductory packet and your Pony Club pin in the mail.