An Equestrian CSA
(Community Supported Agriculture)

The WBF HORSE SHARES Program enables clients to have the feel of owning a finely bred and trained horse without the risk. SHARE contracts can be for a third, a half, or a Full SHARE and enable an individual to use the horse for two, three, and six days a week respectively.

SHARE contracts are for one year, paid in monthly installments, which include the expense of maintaining a horse - training board, feed, bedding, farrier, dentist, blankets/tack, and vaccinations/worming - as well as the discounted cost of four riding lessons a month. Contracts may be self-serve - where the client prepares the horse, puts it away, and cleans his or her tack as most owners would - or full-serve, where for an additional fee these things are done by Farm staff.

Contracts may be paused for up to six months, although obtaining a SHARE of the same horse may not be possible. Having a HORSE SHARE is a great way to try a horse before you buy it, or participate in our US Pony Club Center program.

2018 Costs of the HORSE SHARE Program

MONTHLY COST (includes 4 private lessons) 1/3 SHARE*** (self-serve)


MONTHLY COST (includes 4 private lessons) 1/2 SHARE*** (self-serve)


MONTHLY COST (includes 4 private lessons) FULL SHARE*** (self-serve)


Privileges of owning a HORSE SHARE:

  • The “feel” of ownership without the risk (if your horse is laid up, you can ride another horse) and a great way to ease into actually having a horse all your own, or trying the one you want to buy.
  • Persons with a Horse Share may participate in trail rides, clinics, and shows without an additional horse use charge up to the limit of their share. SHARES enable riders to do additional practice on non-lesson days, trail rides, clinics, and shows without an additional horse use charge. Only one weekend day can be a SHARE day, and SHARE horses continue to be used in lessons with other clients.
  • Participation in the Barn Rat program for kids, including a free qualifying Barn Rat test.*****
  • Discounted lessons (even extra lessons)
  • Access to a personal locker

Horse Shares**Note: Riders who purchase their own tack may rent a locker for $25.00/month.

***Note: If the rider so desires, or is incapable of fetching and preparing his/her horse to ride, as well as putting it away and cleaning the tack, a groom is available for an additional charge. The per month groom charge for a 1/3 SHARE is $250.00, for ½ SHARE is $350.00, and for a Full SHARE is $700.00.

****Note: a 1/3 SHARE enables a rider to ride twice a week, one ride of which is a lesson, and assumes self-serve. A ½ SHARE, self-serve, enables the rider to have 3 rides a week, one of which is a lesson. A Full SHARE enables a rider to have the use of the horse six days a week. The Farm reserves the right in all cases to use the horse for lessons.

*****Note: to qualify for self-serve, individuals must have taken enough stable management lessons to become knowledgeable and proficient enough to be safe around the horses, follow the WBF barn protocols, and fetch, groom, tack up, and clean horse and tack after riding. If rider needs assistance with these things or fails to clean horse or tack after riding a $45.00 fee will be assessed per ride.