Pony ClubWhat Is United States Pony Club?

Because we share its core values, Whimsy Brook Farm has associated itself with the United States Pony Club and become licensed as an official Pony Club Center and member of the Pony Club Metropolitan Region.

United States Pony Club started in 1954 to teach the English style of riding and the proper care of horses. It is an offshoot of the British Pony Club, which was created in 1929 as a junior branch of the Institute of the Horse. Since then, Pony Club has expanded to many countries around the world. The main purpose is to promote sportsmanship, stewardship and leadership through horsemanship.

Pony Club has programs for young people up to the age of 25 and a Horse Masters program for adults.

Pony Club's core values are:

Horsemanship with respect to healthcare, nutrition, stable management, handling and riding a mount safely, correctly and with confidence

Organized teamwork including cooperation, communication, responsibility, leadership, mentoring, teaching and fostering a supportive yet competitive environment

Respect for the horse and self through horsemanship; for land through land conservation; and for others through service and teamwork

Service by providing an opportunity for members, parents, and others to support the Pony Club program locally, regionally and nationally through volunteerism

Education at an individual pace to achieve personal goals and expand knowledge through teaching others

Clients who join our Whimsy Brook Pony Club Center are eligible to participate in local, regional and national Pony Club activities including its instructional curriculum and its competitions and events.

Pony Club now has several "tracks" or disciplines in which individuals can achieve certifications which are internationally recognized proficiency credentials. The tracks currently available at our Farm are Stable Management, Dressage, and Show Jumping. Western is currently being piloted by USPC.

Whimsy Brook Pony Club Center meets the second and fourth Sundays of the month from 2-4 pm September – June. In the vacation months of July and August we do not meet as a club but participate in various Pony Club and group events, and work individually on riding and stable management skills. We also do not meet over holiday weekends.

If you would like to learn more about U.S. Pony Club, go to ponyclub.org or call the Farm and talk to Dr. Candace Benyei, Center Administrator or Julia Tomann, Assistant Center Administrator at 203-938-3760.

Joining Up

To join the United States Pony Club and our Pony Club Center, click here for the application.

When you have filled it out, bring or send it to the Farm with your checks made out to USPC for $140.00 if you are joining as a new member as of January 1, 2016 or after. You also need to make a check out to the Metro Region for $35.00, as well as $100 to Whimsy Brook Farm, for either time period. We will submit your payment to USPC and the Metro Region (see the Pony Club Costs tab on our webpage.) You will get an introductory packet and your Pony Club pin in the mail.